UPDATE: Haiti partners report food, water distribution; patients still flooding medical centers

Here’s a quick recap of the past few days –

We unloaded the four trucks worth of donated items collected here in the office to a warehouse in Yonkers where Partners in Health stores medical supplies. We’ll let you know as soon as these goods reach the ground in Haiti. As for our partners on the ground…

From Concern Worldwide:

Earlier this week, Concern reported that communications and logistics in Haiti were slowly improving. By Wednesday, 330,000 people had received food rations, 100,000 got clean water and local businesses were opening their doors again. Concern said organizations working with the World Food Program (UN) planned to hand out 10 million more rations in Port-au-Prince by the middle of this week.

Concern’s medical care is extensive. They’ve set up “baby tents” in the city to assist more than 1,000 malnourished children and mothers and are continuing medical supply distribution to health clinics. They’ve also drawn up a 6-month emergency recovery and rehab program to affect 150,000 people.

Concern’s operations director Dominic MacSorley has been reporting in real-time all week — you can follow his updates directly on Twitter @aidwkr. Also, stay up to date with their vlogs posted to their YouTube channel.

Donate directly to Concern Worldwide by clicking here.

From Partners in Health:

Despite Wednesday’s aftershocks temporarily shutting down PIH locations in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas, medical staff are now working in 20 operating rooms across the nation. 22 planes with 144 medical volunteers — from orthopedic surgeons to anesthesiologists — have arrived with several thousand pounds of supplies to help the already 4,500 health care workers on the ground. Teams are racing the clock to perform operations quickly, all the while stressing the need for continued post-operative care for the following six weeks (at least).

Supporters’ donations have helped much but PIH still reports a dire need for additional medicines, medical equipment, supplies and water. To donate directly to Partners in Health, click here.

As Scott explained to the New York Times, we still feel our role right now is to help our partners in any way we can. Please donate directly to them. Here in New York, we’re formulating a long-term recovery plan for Haiti after emergency relief efforts have cleared. The earthquake will continue to affect thousands long after the rubble is gone; infrastructure has deteriorated and basic services are even more scarce than before the quake, when at least 40% of the nation already lacked safe, clean water to drink. We’re dedicated to sustainable progress in Haiti. We’re dedicated to providing safe water for generations. We’re dedicated to our partners in Haiti and right now, we ask that you dedicate your support to them as well.

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