UPDATE: long-term water strategy forming for Haiti.

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In the past week, we’ve been asked why we haven’t started our own campaign to help the thousands in Haiti who are still left without medical attention, food, shelter and, of course, clean water.

The short answer is — we’re working on it.

The earthquake’s destruction is a major setback for clean water coverage of Haiti. Thousands have fled the rubble of Port-au-Prince to the countryside and our partners must now carefully assess Haiti as a whole to decide which areas need water the most.

And here in New York, we’re already strategizing a long-term reconstruction plan. We’ll launch a full-scale campaign once we’ve identified areas of the direst need for clean water. Stay tuned for more details in the next few weeks.

If you want to help right now, we still encourage donations straight to our partners on the ground. Click here to donate directly to Concern Worldwide. Click here to donate directly to Partners in Health.

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