UPDATE: we filled trucks full in NYC… but partners still need online donations!

We stuffed more than three trucks full of goods this weekend to send to Haiti. Supporters held small drives at schools, drove in from states away and gave up their own sleeping bags or blankets to help out. Even local stores sent boxes of bulk goods. Our office was a steady torrent of visitors — and while we were most excited for all the help for Haiti, we were also ecstatic to have so many fun people around! Thanks so much to everyone. Every bottle of water or bar of soap helps.

(And that was just the stuff in our office… you should’ve seen the loading dock!)

As for our partners on the ground, we’re still hearing that hundreds are waiting for medical attention at operating hospitals and camps.

Partners in Health was able to get three more cargo planes full of supplies and staff in yesterday, which is very encouraging considering the bottleneck for emergency relief being reported from the country (PIH Executive Director Ophelia Dahl discussed this on CBS’ @katiecouric). PIH doctors tweeted from Cange: “We care for their wounds. We listen. We grieve with them.”

Concern Worldwide has been appointed a WASH leader (organized by UNICEF) to assess areas and collaborate with other NGO’s in setting up triages. They’ve been able to provide clean water to at least 50,000 people.

Both organizations still need support to continue their relief efforts. We encourage you to donate straight to them:

Click here to donate to Partners in Health.
Click here to donate to Concern Worldwide.

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