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Water Cooler Talks are a new thing we’re doing at charity: water — where we bring in smart, talented and inspiring people to share their story with our staff. It’s a chance to unplug for an hour, gain some new perspective and hopefully continue to get better at what we do.

Today, we were honored to have Theron Humphrey and his incredible dog, Maddie, in the house.

And although you surely recognize the extremely Internet-famous Maddie (who can stand on anything!), the really great story belongs to Theron.

Last year, Theron created a 365-day long documentary project called This Wild Idea — which took him all over the United States in search of stories. He literally spent each day meeting and connecting with a single new person, documenting their story with photos and audio and then sharing it with the world on his site.

The project was ultimately named National Geographic’s Travel project of the year.

It was an inspiring story for all us, and a great reminder that there’s so much value in the everyday moments of our lives — and the lives of people we meet around the world.

Thanks for the dose of inspiration, Theron.

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