Why India?

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Because 38 million people in India are affected by waterborne diseases annually.

Because we have an incredible partner who has spent 34 years fighting to bring dignity to the most neglected people in India.

Because we believe that every person on the planet should have clean water to drink.

Because 100 villages are constructing their own water towers, bathing rooms and latrines in advance to show that they’re ready.

Because clean water prevents disease, sickness and even death, and it can give kids more time to be kids.

Because we can break the cycle of poverty and give people time back so they can earn an income and improve their lives.

Because we can provide a private place for women to bathe and go to the bathroom.

Because we can spare girls time walking for water and give them more time for schoolwork.

Because we can give little kids like Nani the daily joy of taking a clean bath.

Because we can give moms the time to snuggle with their kids.

Because we can. Period.

Photos by @jeremysnell and @tylerriewer

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