celebrating women around the globe.

It’s International Women’s Day! So we’re taking a moment to look back at all the incredible women we met last year while in the field. Some have clean water, others are still walking hours to the nearest source. Many are mothers, balancing parenting with housework, jobs or work in the community as hygiene educators and well caretakers. Some run their own businesses or entire clinics and schools.

All are beautiful.

photos: Esther Havens, Mo Scarpelli, Scott Harrison

womens day
womens day

Celebrate women today! Take a look back at some of our latest stories from the field about powerful women:

jerry can
- Elodi from Central African Republic: She lost a child to waterborne illness. But the Live Drill would change the future for her other kids.
- Rose from Kenya: Now that she has clean water, she’s getting her grad degree.
- Keisha from Haiti: She fled to an island after the earthquake — with no water, but lots of hope.
- Helen from Uganda: “Now, I am beautiful.”
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