World Water Day Updates: Marco Rubio

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Remember Marco Rubio’s State of the Union response, when he got thirsty and reached for some water:

Well we’re thrilled to announce that he’s using that moment (and the fun that we all had with it) to do something good. Having traveled to Haiti last year, where thousands of people have died from cholera spread by unclean water, Marco just pledged his upcoming 42nd birthday to help raise money for clean water projects!

In his words: “We are truly blessed to have the luxury of being able to laugh about water moments like mine, but for too many, the lack of clean and safe drinking water is no laughing matter. I’m proud to support charity: water, and look forward to dedicating my birthday to raise much-needed money for this worthy cause.”

In honor of World Water Day, join Marco by pledging your next birthday! We just revamped the entire birthdays section of our website. Take a look at some of the other people who have used their birthdays to raise money — and the impact it’s making. Every birthday makes a difference!

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