World Water Week: a recap.

The World Water Day momentum carried on throughout the week — we’re thrilled to see the water issue splashed all over headlines, viral campaigns and social media. Here are some of our favorite posts and campaigns highlighting the world water crisis since Monday:

UNSHAKEN: helping Haiti recover by providing long-term clean water solutions.

We launched our campaign for clean, safe water in Haiti on World Water Day! 100% of donations directly fund water projects in 11 areas in Haiti. UNSHAKEN has already raised more than $10,000 from individual donors — join us!

The Story of Bottled Water

Annie Leonard started sharing the consequences of our material-loving culture with The Story of Stuff in June 2008. More than 8.5 million have since watched her online animated videos. For World Water Day, The Story of Stuff took on the bottled water industry. Take eight minutes to see how bottled water has made us the fool for fearing water from the tap:

Citizen Voices Award from the Pulitzer Center
The Pulitzer Center — as in the esteemed Pulitzer Prize for journalism — used World Water Day to ask, “What should we do about the 4,500 who die each day from lack of safe water and sanitation?” This is the prompt for their writing contest, which has received more than 70 submissions in the last month (and counting — you have until March 31 to get yours in!).

See Pulitzer-sponsored reporting on the water crisis at Downstream, a multimedia project of stories and investigations on water’s effect on communities, environments and economies in developing nations.

National Geographic’s Water: Our Thirsty World

“In much of the developing world, lack of water is at the center of a vicious circle of inequality.”

– Tina Rosenberg, The Burden of Thirst

Nat Geo covers the water issue periodically and we always get pretty excited when we see a new story or study on water. But for World Water Day this year, the magazine put their entire April issue — which focuses almost entirely on water — online for free until April 2.

You’ll learn how much water it takes to make a pair of blue jeans; how new desalination technologies work; the price of tap water in cities around the world; and all about the burden of water collection in developing nations. (But you already knew about that last part from us, right?)

One Week for Water
ONE and teamed up for an innovative online canvasing strategy: they asked Twitter-users and Facebookers to give up their status for the week. Surrendered profiles have been updated with water facts and calls to action for the last five days.

The Big Picture (The Boston Globe)
photo: AP via The Boston Globe
A collection of photos showing the importance and beauty of water around the world (the first 15 photos are from the National Geographic issue mentioned above). Some people emailed or DM’ed us to say the baby bottle picture (right) reminded them of charity: water. This picture was from a demonstration in Switzerland on Monday.

Have any ideas for demonstrations we could do here in NYC? Have you held one yourself for your campaign? Leave us a comment to get the discussion going.

A pretty successful week for water crisis awareness-raising and fundraising, right? But we don’t have to wait for WWD every year to speak up about the water crisis. Water-related illnesses and lack of sanitation take more lives every year than any form of violence, including war. Shouldn’t this be a prominent issue all year, every year, until everyone on the planet has access to safe water?

We can make it that way. Keep spreading the word. Learn more about those living without clean water and tell their stories to everyone you know. You can even start a campaign of your own to help build water projects.

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