Bring a little holiday cheer to families in Cambodia

Your support this past holiday season is going to bring BioSand Filters into more than 15,000 homes. Thank you for helping us change the lives of families in Cambodia.


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Using age-old biology, the BioSand Filter kills 99% of bacteria in the dirty water poured through it.

Cambodia is full of water: it’s abundant in shallow ponds and marshlands, but it isn’t safe to drink. The BioSand Filter is a simple, low-cost solution that cleans water quickly by using a biological process to take out 99% of the bacteria found in dirty water.

How a BioSand Filter works

1. Dirty Water

Dirty water is collected from ponds, then poured into the top of the BioSand Filter.

2. Biological Layer

This is the first and most important layer: a biological film made of microorganisms eats 99% of harmful bacteria in the dirty water.

3. Fine Sand

A layer of specialized sand physically traps any remaining bacterial particles.

4. Coarse Sand

The coarse sand begins to separate the clean water from the particles of fine sand.

5. Gravel

The gravel layer serves as an elevation bed and keeps sand away from the pipe opening.

6. Clean Water

Clean water comes out of the spout as it’s forced out by additional dirty water poured through the top.

Each family builds their own BioSand Filter with our partner’s support.

Families must show that they’re serious about bringing a BioSand Filter into their home. In order to show their interest, they contribute a small amount of their own money for the building materials, attend a hygiene training class, and build their own filter under the supervision of local masons. This approach ensures that the program will have lasting results long after our partners leave the village.

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About our local partner, CLEAR Cambodia.

We started funding the work of CLEAR Cambodia in 2009, supporting their vision of helping rural Cambodians improve their health through better access to clean, safe water. Since 1999, the CLEAR staff have been working in collaboration with community leaders and local authorities to implement low cost, sustainable clean water solutions in rural villages.

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Our local partner, CLEAR Cambodia, helps communities build their own BioSand Filters so that families can turn dirty water into clean water. This is Dite. He's one of CLEAR Cambodia's community trainers. His family got a BioSand Filter 15 years ago, and he's been an advocate for the program ever since. Dite is on the road a lot. Every few days, the CLEAR team moves to a new village to construct BioSand Filters, and he's always there to help them. On construction day, families begin by mixing their own cement. When it's ready, they pour the cement into molds to create the outer castings for their BioSand Filters. During this process, the CLEAR team offers help and explains best practices to the families. Once the molds have been filled and smoothed out, they're left to dry overnight. For a village to qualify for the BSF program, everyone in the community must demonstrate their commitment by putting down their thumbprint as a signature. One part of that commitment is understanding hygiene and how to maintain their filters at home. Eventually, each family takes their filter home. Then the CLEAR staff makes a follow-up visit to install the layers of gravel, sand and rock. 24 hours later, the BSFs are up and running, and those families have access to clean water right at home. For women like Keun Leap, having a BioSand Filter means not having to drink from the pond in her rice field anymore. It means she can cook and take care of her family with clean water that's available at home anytime she needs it. With four sons and a sick husband, having a BioSand Filter has given Keun Leap's entire family hope for a very bright future.