In 2007, Nautica became one of charity: water’s first brand partners, leading the way for other brands to follow. Since then, Nautica has supported water projects in eight countries, sponsored a water walk at our second annual charity: ball, held a holiday photo challenge, and helped Nepal rebuild after it was hit with a devastating earthquake in 2015.

And that’s not all. On World Water day 2012, Nautica launched their Give Change to Make Change campaign in which they ask customers to round up their purchase to the next dollar and donate the remainder to charity: water. Thanks to generous contributions by Nautica’s customers, more than $2,500,000 has been raised to fund clean water projects all around the world.

Not only has this partnership resulted in more people having access to clean and safe drinking water, it has given time back to mothers, education back to kids, improved health to families and created greater stability for entire communities.

We’ll continue to share Nautica’s progress, and with your ongoing support, bring clean water to those in need!


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$22,990 raised


$18,066 raised


Orlando I
$16,672 raised


$15,907 raised


$14,724 raised

Complete list of storesIndividual Store Raise for Full Year 2016

Store $ Raised
Albertville $2,514.29
Allen $5,466.08
Alpine $2,139.99
Aurora $6,545.20
Atlantic City $4,474.50
Auburn Hills $734.48
Barstow $1,356.34
Birch Run $490.22
Calexico $4,577.95
Camarillo $7,030.80
Chicago $7,255.84
Store $ Raised
Citadel $9,382.14
Clinton $8,832.36
Commerce $4,993.90
Concord $8,443.45
Dawsonville $7,242.78
Desert Hills $4,864.56
Destin $2,127.84
El Paso $4,365.48
Elizabeth $15,906.71
Ellenton $3,270.89
Flemington $2,965.29
Store $ Raised
Florida Keys $5,997.73
Foley $1,461.93
Franklin Mills $2,120.09
Gaffney $89.48
Gilroy $4,514.92
Gloucester $4,654.99
Grapevine $3,901.89
Grove City $3,128.69
Gulfport $2,733.77
Gurnee $212.08
Hagerstown $5,277.07


Through their partnership with charity: water, Nautica has funded 276 water projects that will provide over 83,000 people with access to clean and safe drinking water. For the last nine years, their generosity has allowed us the privilege to serve thousands of people with life’s most basic need.

Nautica's latest contribution will fund water projects in Rwanda that will bring clean water to over 9,000 people. Our local implementing partners obtained permits, worked with community leaders, purchased hardware materials, and involved ordinary men and women in the construction process. Nautica hasn't simply given money to make all this possible, they have brought life, health, hope, and dignity to people they've never met. And for that, we are truly thankful.


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