Central African Republic

The people of the Central African Republic (CAR) face desperate need, but the lack of basic infrastructure and political instability presents obstacles to working in this country.

Right now, at least 197,000 people are displaced by conflict and have little or no clean water or sanitation, life expectancy is only 48 years and the nation's infant mortality rate is more than 20%.



About Central African Republic

  • 4,620,000 national population
  • 62% live below poverty line
  • 46% of rural lack access to water *
  • 93% of rural lack sanitation *
  • * We work almost exclusively in rural areas, where the need for clean water is incredibly great.

Our Work Here

  • Started working in 2007
  • 511,421 people served
  • 612 projects funded
  • $4,189,943 invested

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