Sierra Leone

Ten years of civil war has set the people of Sierra Leone up against immense challenges. The country is one of the world's poorest, and 43% of the population lacks safe water to drink. Almost 90% don't have access to toilets. One out of every four kids in Sierra Leone dies before their fifth birthday, many from diarrhea, worms or other water-related illnesses. 

The hope: these diseases are preventable with clean water sources and good hygiene practices.


About Sierra Leone

  • 6,100,000 population
  • 58% lack access to water
  • 93% lack access to sanitation
  • 52.9% live below poverty line

Our Work Here

  • Started working in 2008
  • 17,258 people served
  • 68 projects funded
  • $998,933 invested

Solutions Used