Our time in the field gives us a personal view on what it's like to get clean water for the first time. The mothers, children and communities that we’ve met inspire our ideas and, often times, solutions. Every one of them has a story worth sharing.

Learn how we're working to tackle the issue of sustainability and fund mechanics programs.

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The Last Walk for Water

13-year-old Letikiros left to get water and never came home. At 4 p.m. a man found her lifeless body swinging from a tree, a rope tied around her neck.

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What Will You Do With It

Mulitani is a 42-year-old wife and mother of six. And for all 42 of her years, water from the river outside of Sikedi Village was all she’d ever known.

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The Well Doctor

Paul Botoman is responsible for repairing wells in 140 villages in Malawi. The people there know him as “The Borehole Doctor” because he’s never failed to fix one.

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Surviving in the Desert

The Sahel Region has a surreal kind of beauty. Everything is dry. Muted. Ancient. But the things that make it beatuful also make it harsh.

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Refills for Everyone

Students at Shramik Shanti School used to get just one cup of drinking water each day. Today, they can have as much as they way.

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The Boy Who Walked for Water

“I walk for water because I believe in gender equality," Devison said. "There must be no discrimination between boys and girls in relation to chores.”

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The Lucky School

The kids at Balkumari Primary School used to spend recess walking 20 minutes to collect dirty water from a cave. Now, they spend that time playing with friends.

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Meet Jean Bosco

This shy 15-year-old used to walk hours each day to collect dirty water... until our partners constructed a well in his village.

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“I feel beautiful for the first time.”

Every day Helen had to choose how to use the little bit of water she had. Now that she has a steady source, she says she feels beautiful for the first time.

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Building a well is the easy part

How we're working with our partners to tackle the issue of sustainability, educate communities, and fund mechanics programs to repair broken water projects.

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Asharfi's Story

Asharfi taught himself how to repair broken wells. He lives in one of India's poorest states, where he's known as the man who can fix any water problem.

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In Rio Platano, dirty water covers everything. This makes it difficult to find water to drink or even wash your hands. But there are solutions.

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58,345 Hours For Clean Water

For more than 30 years, Gram Vikas has taken a unique approach to development work. For them, water is the key to health, participation and sustainability.

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Gasi Spring, Ethiopia

What was once a mud pit is now producing so much water that our partners are building things like community showers and clothes washing stations.

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Cyclone Sidr

We invested $100,000 in Bangladesh after Cyclone Sidr killed thousands, destroyed millions of homes and turned Bangladesh's water situation upside down.

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Kenya's muddy water and the people of Mogotio's Health Center became the inspiration for Scott Harrison's 32nd birthday campaign.

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Carolina and Tabia's Walk for Water

12-year-old Carolina and 14-year-old Tabia used to walk hours to get dirty water from a hole in the ground.

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Water? I've heard that before.

Gratien was reluctant to believe it, but we made a promise to bring clean water to him and all the people in Nyabuko village.

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Why Would You Live Here?

In a remote village like Nyabuko, access to clean water will give women like Pelagie six hours of her day back, every day.

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The Clinic That Had Almost Everything

Donathile's Health Clinic had everything it needed -- except clean water. But with our help, her patients aren't taking their medicine with dirty water anymore.

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This One's For The Kids

Murama grade school finally has a tap stand with clean water. And because of that, the future just got brighter for kids in Rwanda.

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