Water for Schools is a student-led campaign to raise awareness and funds for water projects in developing nations. Get your school involved and start helping people in need get access to clean, safe drinking water.


charity: water uses 100% of your donations to fund freshwater projects. Our operational costs are funded by a separate group of private donors so your money can go to the people who need it most.


Regardless of how much your school raises, charity: water will prove the impact of your fundraising efforts using photos and GPS coordinates in Google Maps. Learn more >


Many children spend hours each day collecting water instead of going to school.

Without latrines or water to wash with, many girls drop out of school when they begin puberty.

Dirty water causes diseases like diarrhea which can lead to dehydration and death.


Your school funds a water project that gives children safe, clean water in their village or school.

Our programs support toilet construction in villages and even on school grounds.

We promote hygiene training in every village or school that receives a charity: water project.


Many children around the world spend their days collecting water for their families or home sick with a water-related illness instead of going to school. With safe water nearby, they can earn an education and build the future of their communities. And with an education and better health, kids are more likely to break the cycle of poverty and become leaders in their communities.


Anyone can raise money for water projects on our fundraising site, mycharitywater.org. But imagine if all your friends, your classmates, your teachers -- your whole school! -- knew that millions of kids in the world right now don't have a chance to go to school because they don't have access to clean water. Get them on board to change this. On average, $20 can provide one person with access to a clean water project. How much could your entire school raise? Challenge your classmates. See how many you can work together to help!