In 2008, we realized that teachers, leaders and students were starting their own initiatives around the country -- they raised more than $100,000 in one year all on their own! So we set up a way for anyone to fundraise as a school. Get a passionate group of kids or teachers together. Sign up as a group on mycharity: water. Set your goal. And fundraise together to change lives in developing countries.

How do I put on a Water for Schools event at my school? From birthday parties to school-wide events, jog-a-thons to getting the Dean of Students to shave his head, throwing an event or party can be one of the best ways to help raise awareness and funds in your school community. Once you’ve signed your school or group up for the campaign, we'll give you all the details of how to put on an event, charity: water style. And of course, you are always welcome to come up with your own ideas, tailored specifically for your community.
Does my school have to officially endorse this campaign? It would be great if your entire school could get on board, but that’s not always an option. We encourage you to write letters to your teachers, school faculty, superintendent and prospective sponsors to encourage them to get involved; but even if they don’t jump on board, you and your friends can still do a lot!
Can my group sign up, even if we’re not a school? Absolutely. Sign up your fraternity, your swim team, your church group… all students from elementary to university levels are welcome to participate.
What happens if we can’t raise $5,000? For some, the thought of raising $5,000 (the average cost of a water project) may seem out of reach. We still want you to set $5,000 as your goal, and even if you are unable to make it all the way, we will still let you know exactly where your money goes. On the other hand, some of you at bigger schools could raise $5,000 with one hand tied behind your back. If this is you, set a bigger goal! Every $20 counts -- on average, $20 can provide one person with access to a safe water project! And if you can reach at least $5,000, we will put your name on a plaque at the new water project!
Can we visit the community we funded a project for? As you can imagine, charity: water is inundated with requests to take people to visit wells in Africa, India, Bangladesh, etc. Although our staff makes frequent site visits to inspect and monitor field projects and meet with our partners, we are unable to facilitate these trips for donors. But we're committed to showing you pictures and GPS coordinates of the water project that you have helped to fund.
How do I learn more about the world water crisis? You can visit the “Why Water?” section of the charity: water website here to learn more about the water crisis, and how charity: water is working to solve it.
Can we decide where to send our funds? 100% of the money that you raise will go directly to fund a school water project in a developing nation. While we will tell you exactly where it goes we don't allow groups to designate exactly where that money will go.
Will someone from charity: water come speak at my school? On occasion, we are able to send one of our staff members to speak at assemblies or school-wide events. While we love meeting and speaking with you, we just can’t make it to see all the schools that ask. We deal with each request on an individual basis. You can request for us to visit here >
How long will I have to raise the money? Campaigns last for one semester. We hope that you will consider making Water for Schools an annual tradition.