September Campaign

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For women in the Sahel, the first step out of poverty begins with clean water.

During our 2014 September Campaign, 2,861 people started fundraising campaigns to help bring clean water to people in the Sahel region of Mali and Niger.

The Sahel is a narrow strip of land in Africa just below the Sahara Desert. This area is frequently affected by drought and famine, and access to clean water is rare. This September, help us build sustainable, clean water projects that can transform lives, especially for women and girls.


176 of 187 on the U.N. Human Development Index


187 of 187 (last) on the U.N. Human Development Index


of Mali’s rural population lacks access to clean water


of Mali’s children die before the age of 5


of Niger’s rural population lacks access to clean water


of Niger’s children die before the age of 5


176 of 187 on the U.N. Human Development Index


187 of 187 (last) on the U.N. Human Development Index

Clean water sparks a positive chain reaction that improves every aspect of a woman’s life.

  • No Time

    Women and girls spend up to four hours every day collecting water for their families.

  • Fatigue

    Pulling water by rope in 110° heat leaves women and girls with zero energy for other tasks.

  • Disease

    Families become sick from water contaminated by animal waste and harmful pollutants.

  • Danger

    The handmade ropes used to draw water often break, causing women to fall into wells.

  • Free Time

    Women and girls have hours of extra time to care for their families, earn income and relax.

  • Energy

    Collecting water is as easy as turning on a tap, so women have more energy for other tasks.

  • Health

    Community members spend less money on hospital bills and more time at work or in school.

  • Safety

    Tap stands provide safe and convenient access to water; no one has to fear falling into a well.

We’re using the sun’s blistering rays to bring cool, clean water to the surface.

If there’s one thing the Sahel isn’t short on, it’s sunshine. A typical afternoon packs 110º heat, and for most of the year sandstorms come more often than rain. But our local partners are taking advantage of this desert climate. In addition to drilling wells, they’re building solar-powered systems that draw cool, clean water from deep underground and bring it to tap stands in the center of communities.

1 Solar-powered pumps effortlessly draw clean water from deep underground.

3 Gravity distributes water from the tower to tap stands throughout the community.

2 Cool, clean water fills a local water tower, ready for access.

Meet the brave, bold women of the Sahel.

The fundraisers and donors who supported this September Campaign helped bring clean water to thousands of people. You can help bring people clean water, too.


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