From the Field: Trading snapshots in Kenya

We were in the field, checking up on freshwater projects in Kenya and met Rose. She collects water from a charity: water kiosk each day for her family of seven. Instead of spending two hours walking to collect water, Rose now spends that time earning her Master's degree in counseling. We photographed her when we first met her -- and returned to give her a copy of the photograph.

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Kady Hawk's well in Golebet, Ethiopia
Dreamworks well in May Daaro, Ethiopia
Jack Dorsey's well in Mai Godea, Ethiopia
Virginia Clay water projects in Ethiopia's Alefa District
Atlas Copco well in Lay Kuba, Ethiopia
The Alyssa Milano well at Lihamat, Ethiopia
The Hillenbrand family well in Erasur, Ethiopia
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Well funded by Saks Fifth Avenue Chicago
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The Budde Family Well, Ethiopia
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From the Field: Trading snapshots in Kenya