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Who is Barb Case?
Why Photography?
Why Water?

After my husband’s death from cancer and caring for severely ill family members, I turned to nature and photography as a way to deal with grief and stress. Outside on hikes and along lakes photographing the wildlife around me, I learned to relax and just breathe.

The eldest of 12 siblings, a wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother. A friend.

At age 52 I founded a nonprofit after the death of a friend with cancer who needed services that were not easily obtained. Using my life experiences, we worked for more than 20 years with the homeless and those in danger of homelessness successfully fighting for Social Security disability benefits – lessons learned while caring for my friend with breast cancer - not as an attorney but doing the same work with no formal training. At my retirement we had won $3, 847,660.70 in backpay benefits for over 300 clients. (That does not include the monthly benefits they received going forward after approval.) In all we helped over 1500 individuals obtain food, clothing, medical care and housing. Those benefits gave them hope and the dignity of caring for themselves and their families.

As a child I watched my father’s photos come to life as he developed them in the darkroom in our home. Throughout my life I recorded family events and fun activities with a camera I always seemed to have. When my husband passed away in 2010 I bought a digital camera, not really knowing what I was going to do with it, but somehow knowing I needed to be outside. In 2020 at age 71 I took my photography a step farther and focused my energies professionally, creating the photos you see on my website and in my booth at art fairs – photos from travels and adventures that I will continue to enjoy as I plan more in the future.

There is a theme to all of this – humans and wildlife needing a voice so that their value and reason to live and exist is heard and seen – in the courtroom and in the wild through the photographs you see here.

My photography reflects the emotional moments I see in the wild, especially between animal mothers and their young.

A charity has captured my heart with the impact it is having on human mothers, their families and villages. I began donating to them monthly in 2018. Water is a life source and many villages around the world struggle to have safe water. has been drilling wells throughout the world since 2006. The impact they have had on families and especially the women, has been life changing. Until the villages had fresh water the women spent the majority of their day traveling to an unsafe water source, carrying that water to their homes and caring for their ill family members as a result of impure water. With fresh, safe water nearby, the women have the ability to better care for their children and develop businesses that change forever the economics of their families and villages.

Now, I am combining both of my passions by donating 10% of the profits from my prints to This will go on way beyond 2023.

Thank you for your support! Together we can change lives!
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