The Macallan + Lalique turn whisky into water.

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The Macallan shattered auction records last night when their 64-year-old single malt Scotch in a crystal Lalique decanter sold for $460,000 — and all of it is going to fund charity: water projects in developing countries!

In the past few months, drams of the whisky have been auctioned off in 12 cities along The Macallan’s tour du monde, also to benefit charity: water. The tour raised more than $600,000 total, which can serve about 30,000 people with clean, safe water. 100% of the money will be used to do just that.

Learn more about the partnership between The Macallan and charity: water here >

Photos: Mo Scarpelli, charity: water


Watch video of the auction at Sotheby’s on The Macallan’s blog here >

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