It takes about $10,000 to fund clean water for one community
$9,250.18 raised for
community #6/200

Give What You Can. Get Best of Akimbo, Volume 1.

100% of whatever you choose to give will help bring clean and safe water to people around the world. You'll also get access to five of the best episodes of Akimbo. No Q&A, no ads, just about two hours’ worth of podcasting goodness.

Water changes everything

Right now, 703 million people are drinking dirty water. You can change that. When you give clean water, you’re investing in the hopes and dreams of families around the world. Children are able to attend school full-time. Women can start a business. Communities thrive.


Diseases from dirty water take 16,000 lives every week, mostly children under five. Access to clean water and proper sanitation doesn't just transform lives: It saves them.


When children have access to clean water and safe toilets, they’re able to study full-time. This empowers young girls to stay in school—and out of child marriages.


Clean water stimulates economic and social development in rural communities. Entrepreneurship thrives, populations are healthier, and families can finally look to the future with confidence.

Our Promise to You