But I’m a kid! What can I do?

Here at charity: water, we are firm believers that you can make a difference no matter how old you are. Whether you’re 5 or 85, all you need is a big heart and the passion to help. We’re on a mission to end the water crisis and it all starts with a generation who believes in a better world. With kids who are going to lead the charge. It starts with you.

703 million people lack access to clean water. That’s a big number. Think of it this way…

A packed school bus holds about 72 kids. Try to picture that. Got it? Good.

Now imagine ten school buses. That would give you 720 people. Biggest. Field trip. Ever.

Now multiply that by one million! That’s almost how many people still drink dirty water.

When a community doesn’t have access to clean water, children are among those most impacted. They are more likely to get sick, miss school, and lose time they could be spending with their friends and families.

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What is the water crisis?

Learn about the water crisis and how we work by watching The Journey, an 8-part video series that will take you to Ethiopia to see our work in the field. Join our team member, Tyler, as he experiences life without water and meets the incredible people of Tigray.

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Check out more seasons of The Journey to see the impact of The Spring, our monthly giving community. Follow Tyler around the world to learn more about our local partners and how they use different types of solutions to bring clean and safe water to families in need.

Activity guides, coloring pages, and more

Bring The Journey into your home or classroom with these interactive resources.

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Meet kids just like you from around the world

Not Unless You Wash Your Hands

Hadjara, age 12

Hadjara learned about the importance of handwashing in school. Then she went home and taught her family about it, too. Now, her family is healthier than ever.

The 15 Year-Old President

Natalia, age 15

Before Natalia’s village had a clean water tap, she often didn’t have time for school. Now, she goes to school every day and she’s the President of her local Water Committee. And she’s just getting started.

The Boy Who Walked for Water

Devison, age 10

Devison decided it wasn’t fair for him to go to school while his sister walked to get water. So he decided to do something.

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This is a True Story

Inspired by hundreds of real stories from the communities we serve.

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What can you do?

From spreading awareness about the water crisis to running creative fundraising campaigns, you can make a difference in the lives of kids just like you.

Start a Campaign

Get Inspired!

Young people make up some of our most inspiring and creative campaigners, proving that nothing is crazy when it comes to raising money for clean water. Learn more about starting a campaign, or check out what some of our favorite kid campaigners have done in the past.

Maddie's Thirst

Maddie sold lemonade to raise money for clean water after watching our video about the water crisis. See her campaign

Arav's Birthday Campaign

Arav gave up multiple birthdays to help fund water projects in Ethiopia and Uganda. See his campaigns

Painting with a Purpose

Cosette donated proceeds from her Paintings with a Purpose to charity: water, so kids like her could gain access to clean water. See her campaigns

Hudson’s First Year

In honor of his birth, Hudson’s parents launched a year long campaign and welcomed their son into the world by helping others get access to clean water.

Beckett and Willa’s Presentations

From kindergarten classes to Brownie troops, Beckett and Willa have done an amazing job of teaching others about the water crisis and raising money for charity: water.

Do the Water Walk

Millions of kids around the world walk hours every day to find and collect dirty water for their families. This takes up time they could be spending at school or at home doing their homework. By doing a water walk, you can experience what it’s like to walk just a fraction of this distance while carrying a 40 pound Jerry Can.

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Host a screening

Take your family and friends on a virtual trip to Ethiopia and show them how we put donations to work by hosting a screening of The Journey. They’ll get to see the sights, sounds, and people of this amazing country we work in and get to learn more about charity: water’s work in the field.

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Grow your generosity with this free guide

We’ve been inspired by the incredible things kids are doing to fight the water crisis. Any child can make a difference, so we created this free guide to empower the next generation of world-changers.

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Other ways to give together

Sponsor an entire community or school with a gift of $10,000 or more to transform the lives of families or students like yours.