Join us on The Journey!

The Journey is a first-hand look at how our monthly giving community, The Spring, is changing everything for people in need of clean water around the world. All four seasons are available now!

The Journey is a video series that connects our monthly giving community, The Spring, to their ongoing impact around the world.

In this fourth season, you’ll follow Tyler to rural Uganda to see how access to clean water provides safety and peace of mind for families in need. You’ll meet two remarkable women, an incredibly knowledgeable local partner, and a maintenance crew that never fails to save the day.


“The Home of the Crocodiles”Coming Soon

“The Home of the Crocodiles”

S4E1 (6:15)

A Champion for ChangeComing Soon

A Champion for Change

S4E2 (4:46)

No Bolt Left UnturnedComing Soon

No Bolt Left Unturned

S4E3 (5:12)