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From bakers to video gamers and everything in between, content creators have helped raise over $2M for clean and safe water. Now, with updated tools and resources, it's easier than ever to help end the water crisis by doing what you love. Stream on!

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This is a True Story

Inspired by hundreds of real stories from the communities we serve, This is a True Story follows the lead character, Bontu, on her journey to collect water, giving players insight into the hazards and complexities that the 771M people who lack access to clean water are confronted with every day.

You can play this first-of-its-kind game on Netflix Games via the Netflix mobile app and can also download it on the App Store or Google Play Store.

Past events

The streaming community is filled with world-changers. You keep proving how true that is with the impact you’ve already made possible!

2,055 People Served

Raised $82,216

15 for 15

In celebration of charity: water’s 15th birthday, we brought clean water to 15 communities - one for every candle on our cake.

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17,196 People Served

Raised $687,864

Water x Stream

With support from 100 different creators, this was our most successful streaming campaign yet!

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2,197 People Served

Raised $87,887


Thanks to Zeldathon’s Side Quest, we were able to close 2020 out on a high note.

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8,007 People Served

Raised $320,281

One Week for Water

We changed the course of 2020 for families in rural Mali, one of the harshest places on Earth.

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2,925 People Served

Raised $117,039

Weekend for Water

In 2019, we held our first-ever streaming campaign. It was a huge success!

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Supporters we love

Here are a few of the incredible creators who have supported our mission over the years.

Brand Partners

Through corporate donations, social promotions, and even their own streams, these brands have helped us get one step closer to ending the water crisis.

Branded overlays and banners

Get the tools you need to be successful. Download charity: water overlays, banners, logos, and wait screens.

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