Better partnerships.
Bigger impact.

Through creative partnerships as unique as the teams we’ve worked with, charity: water’s Brand Partners have given over $100.5M since 2006, bringing clean water to more than 2.2 million people and fueling our mission to end the global water crisis.


Pick your partnership

The majority of our partnerships fall within these three tiers. Don’t see one that works for you? Use the contact form to get in touch with our team and learn about more options, like joining our monthly giving community, The Spring.

Project Sponsor

By funding at least one water project, you’ll receive our standard reporting on your project(s) and access to select marketing assets.

Official Partner

You’ll work with a dedicated account manager to create a comprehensive partnership, complete with co-branding and co-marketing opportunities.

Flagship Partner

Together, we’ll build a bespoke, long-term partnership unique to your business and help you develop direct relationships with our executive team.

Prepare to be inspired

There’s truly no one-size-fits-all option when it comes to partnerships. We’ve assembled some of the more common ways businesses choose to give, but there are plenty more where these came from.

Limited-edition drops

Our limited-edition Away bag had a custom interior lining inspired by prints from Niger. It sold out in three days.

Employee and community fundraising

The Smile Generation has raised millions of dollars by rallying their community of dentists, patients, and staff to fundraise for clean water. 

Percentage of sale

Corkcicle donates 5% of every product sold online to fund clean water projects. They’ve also created custom products in honor of World Water Day.

Point of sale

Nautica created engaging window displays and encouraged customers to “give change to make change” by rounding up at checkout both online and in‑store.

Awareness campaigns

New Tradition has donated ad space on one of the biggest digital billboards in LA, resulting in tens of millions of free impressions for our brand.

The craziest thing we can do is nothing

We love it when prospective partners come to us and say, “This might sound crazy, but … '' When it comes to ending the water crisis, nothing is crazy. All ideas (wild or otherwise) are welcome. Let’s work together to bring yours to life — and bring clean water to as many people as possible in the process. 

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