It takes about $10,000 to fund clean water for one community
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Drew Jessup
Let's end the water crisis in our lifetime
I joined the charity: water community in 2018 to help end the water crisis. Please consider joining me to support charity: water. 100% of your donation goes to clean water.
About charity: water
charity: water is a nonprofit organization bringing clean and safe water to people around the world. We work with local partners to implement sustainable, community-owned water projects and prove each one with photos and GPS coordinates.
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    donated $100 to Project 87 
    almost 5 years ago

    Your P87 initiative inspired me to create a list of my own that brought me to places, experiences and people I would've never reached without a little extra push. My #1 goal was to raise enough money through my side business to give back to you as a thanks for the inspo. Mission accomplished. Keep doing what you're doing.

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    Ashley Thompson donated $90 to Project 87
    almost 5 years ago
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    William Crouch donated $30 to Project 87
    almost 5 years ago
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    Hannah Greeley
    donated $60 to Project 87 
    almost 5 years ago

    First off I want to thank you for starting this campaign and giving me the chance to make a difference in someone’s life. It’s not everyday you get the opportunity to change a life for the better in such a monumental way. It’s easy to forget that it’s ordinary people being kind in small ways that can affect the most change.
    I also just wanted to take the opportunity to say that I genuinely appreciate how sincere and kind you are in your online presence. Your posts are always a bright spot on my insta feed and I’m happy you use your influence to spread awareness for causes and people that need attention. It’s so easy to be cynical, to hate things and look past those that need help. It takes a brave person to have faith and hope that change can happen, and an even braver person to believe they can make a difference. So long story short I want to thank you for being brave and kind and making me want to be braver and kinder in return.

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    Anonymous donated $30 to Project 87
    almost 5 years ago
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    $500 · almost 5 years ago
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    $280 · over 5 years ago
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    $180 · almost 5 years ago
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