This Holiday Season,

You can help bring clean water to 40,000 people

Right now, 1 in 10 people worldwide are trying to figure out how to make it through the day without access to clean and safe water. Dirty water makes existing challenges harder than they need to be, stealing time, health, and resources — especially from women and girls.

But with access to clean water, everything changes. Time that was once spent walking for water can be invested into school or work. Illnesses from waterborne diseases decrease. All the energy that went into managing water can be funneled into new dreams for a brighter future.

It takes $240 to bring clean water to one family. But no matter how much you choose to give, 100% will directly fund clean water for those who need it most.


38,192 / 40,000

Est. people served

Find out what happens when you give clean water

It’s simple: 100% of your donation goes straight to clean water, always. But the journey it takes to get there, and the people it impacts along the way? It’s so much bigger than you might think — and it starts the second you hit “give.”

Help more people get clean water

All of the goodness you’ve seen on this page — the impact of your donation, the teamwork that transforms communities, the students and farmers and teachers and mothers who are free to pursue their own dreams — none of it happens without clean water, and clean water doesn’t happen without you.

No matter how much you give, 100% goes straight to clean water, bringing life’s most basic need to people living in some of the most remote locations on Earth.


You can trust us

You deserve to give with confidence, so we’ll always stand by our 100% Model. But we don’t stop there. From our financials, to our tech, to the environmental sustainability of our water projects: “good enough” is never good enough for us. We’re setting new standards for transparency and innovation. These companies and organizations agree.