It takes about $10,000 to fund clean water for one community
$7,114.18 raised for
community #6/200

In-Kind Donations

In-kind donations from our donors and partners allow charity: water to pass 100% of public donations straight to water projects. We are deeply grateful for those who have surprised us with their generosity. A big thanks to the following companies and people who have helped make charity: water’s work possible:

More about ngkf

Discounted the rent and helped us build out our incredible office space.

More about heroku

Donated their platform services to host both our user-facing and back-end web applications.

More about box

Gave us a generous discount on their cloud services that allow us to share and store documents.

More about bryan-cave

Donated hours of world-class service in long-standing, loyal support of our mission.

More about myemma

Donated their platform to help us send beautiful email.

More about plan-design-group

Gave us a generous discount on architecture and design services for our beautiful new office.

More about jungle-disk

Donated their secure data storage and archive services to keep our information safe.

More about samsung-global-innovation-center

Filled our space with 28 brand new TV screens.

More about sketch

Donated software that our team uses to design websites.

More about yesware

Donated their platform and discounted add-ons that help us track and merge emails.

More about zendesk

Donated web-based customer service software to help us communicate with fundraisers and donors.

More about taylor-creative

Donated furniture rentals to keep all our events comfy and sophisticated.

More about barn-light-electric

Donated beautiful lighting fixtures for our office.

More about blatt-billiards

Brought some play to the office with a shuffleboard, ping pong and pool table.

More about browserstack

Gave us a free account so we can easily test our sites across a wide array of web browsers and operating systems.

More about fatboy

Gave us cozy beanbag chairs to keep us comfortable while working long hours.

More about hurst-creative

Brought our work to life with large scale photos and light boxes.

More about icomoon

Donated a premium unlimited plan so we can host and manage our font icon library.

More about interface

Cut down the noise of our office by donating carpet tiles.

More about mixpanel

Donated a free business plan so we can track our analytics and make data-driven decisions.

More about poppin

Brought us organization with filing cabinets.

More about scepter

Donated jerry cans at no cost to fill our space and represent our brand at all events.

More about contentful

Donated their platform to help us manage our content.

More about typekit

Gave us a free membership so we can use fonts the way we want on our website.

More about TakeShape

Donated the CMS that powers the Thirst digital experience.

More about Ronik Design

Partnered with charity: water to design and develop the Thirst digital experience.

More about FlyingConnected

Donated iPads for charity: ball