Clean water means more kids in school.

31% of schools

lack access to safe water and adequate sanitation globally 1

1 in 4 girls

in Sub-Sahara Africa haven’t completed primary school (compared to 1 in 5 boys) 2

31% reduction

in absenteeism in schools with WASH services 3

1 in 5

adolescent girls in Côte d’Ivoire missed school due to menstruation 4

Access to clean water restores health for families and reduces the amount of time that children, who often help with chores at home, spend walking and waiting to collect water each day. Clean water gives kids a chance to attend school and build a better future.


For kids like Manita, restored health has meant the freedom to go to school. To study math, science, English, and Nepali with other 9th graders. To dream a little bigger.

Today, Manita is working to ensure that her community stays healthy for years to come.

“I want to be a scientist,” Manita boasted. “I want to make medicines to cure the ill.”

Until no one dies from dirty water.

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How does having clean water at home impact school attendance?

Collecting dirty water takes time! When families have access to clean water close to home, kids can focus on more important things, like going to school, studying, and enjoying their childhood.

Why is it important to have safe water and adequate facilities at school?

Clean water stations give kids a place to wash their hands. Proper latrines provide privacy for young girls. These facilities ensure that kids who become healthy, continue to stay healthy.

Why is education important for kids in rural communities?

Attending school gives kids a chance to expand their knowledge and pursue new opportunities. It provides a chance to become doctors, engineers, and social workers. It promotes stronger futures.

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Kids who attend school get to expand their worldview and think beyond the jobs available in their rural communities. They get to dream bigger.

Watch this video to meet some of the incredible young leaders who are changing the trajectory for future generations in developing countries around the world.

Stories from the field

The 15-Year-Old President

Before Natalia's village had clean water, she often didn't have time for school. Now that she attends every day, she's the President of her local Water Committee.

Refills For Everyone

Students at Shramik Shanti School used to get just one cup of drinking water each day. Today, they can have as much as they want.

Not Unless You Wash Your Hands

Meet Hadjara-- the brave, 12-year-old girl who refused to eat until her whole family started washing their hands.

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