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Families who live in India’s Thar Desert don’t have many choices when it comes to drinking water. With few sources available, most people have to pay to have water delivered to their home.
Twice a year, a large tanker truck arrives and fills hand-dug holes throughout the community. Not only is that water easily prone to contamination, but it ends up costing families around 25% of their income.

And not everyone can afford it.
Water tanker in Thar Desert
33-year-old Devi and her family didn’t have the money. Which meant that for years, Devi spent four hours each day walking with a clay pot on her head to and from a water source in a town far away.
Thanks to supporters like you, all of that has changed.

When we met Devi, her family was days away from getting a brand new rainwater harvesting tank (called a “tanka”) that can safely collect and store enough clean drinking water during India’s brief rainy season to last the entire year. Not only was her family about to become much healthier, but Devi knew she would no longer have to spend hours each day away from home.


“Once this tanka is finished, we’ll have water at our doorstep. I can give more attention to my kids; I won't have to leave them at home!”
From tankas and tap stands to drilled wells and BioSand Filters, you are changing lives. Each and every month.

Thank you, as always, for committing to clean water.


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Join our Storyteller, Tyler, to see how access to clean water provides safety and peace of mind in rural Uganda. Meet two remarkable women, an incredibly knowledgeable local partner, and a maintenance crew that never fails to save the day.
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