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Because of you and the Spring community, we keep getting closer to the day when every single person has access to clean and safe water. Thank you for transforming lives each and every month.
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“We go wherever the water leads us.”


Every drilling rig has a drilling team: a tireless crew of experts who oversee the implementation of a well from start to finish. This particular rig, the “Time Machine,” and its seven-person team are led by Chief Driller Kidane Gebremaria. He is affectionately known as “Bosh Bosh.”
Meet the Team
Meet Bosh Bosh's team and see them in action in this short video.
Bosh Bosh estimates that he’s helped drill about 800 wells in his 20 years with The Relief Society of Tigray (REST), one of our local partners in Ethiopia. Collectively, his team has a combined 88 years of experience at REST. They each have different roles and responsibilities, but they share a passion for clean water and a strong bond with each other.
"When water comes, and I see them happy, then I am satisfied."


"People here don’t have the opportunity to drink clean water. By using my profession, this makes me satisfied. It’s an essential thing."


"These people are my family! I am just happy when I am working."


As for Bosh Bosh, his role as Chief Driller often finds him working long hours, covered in dirt. But it’s a job he does with kindness, humility, and so much generosity.
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“Every time we go, it’s to a community in need. So every time there is no water. When we drill and water comes out of the ground, we become happy. We become happy with them.”


Thanks to supporters like you, Bosh Bosh and his team continue to bring happiness everywhere they go—which, as Bosh Bosh describes, is, “wherever the water leads us.”

Little girl. Big heart.


Esther is a homemaker who loves the beach… and watching little kids run. Her daughter became her inspiration to join The Spring—and she’s inspired us, too!
I was very moved by the mission of the organization. Then I watched some videos on YouTube and showed them to my kids, who are little. My 7-year-old daughter ran to her room to get her "give" jar that she saves from her allowance and told me she wanted to give it all so "those kids didn't have to drink dirty water." That pretty much sealed the deal. I signed up right then to become a monthly donor.
– Esther
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Generosity is at the core of so many of the stories we share. It’s easy to see in Bosh Bosh’s hard work, in REST’s commitment to the people of Tigray, in Esther’s daughter’s “give” jar. And we see it all the time in you, too.

Thank you for making generosity part of your monthly routine. The Spring community is now home to more than 44,000 big-hearted givers, and we’re inspired by each and every one of you.
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