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Because of you and the Spring community, we keep getting closer to the day when every single person has access to clean and safe water. Thank you for transforming lives each and every month.

“We are healthy; I am not scared of anything.”


Before clean water came to her community in Uganda, Josephine and her family weren’t able to bathe regularly. She felt like her clothes were always dirty. Back then, water was too scarce to use for anything other than drinking or preparing food. But now, thanks to Spring members like you, everything is different.
Life has changed. You can see how this homestead has changed. I can clean my things in a timely manner because it's easy to access water. Even my health has improved, unlike before. All these improvements are a result of water being nearby.
These days, the clothes are clean because this water is clean. The other water used to have dirt and would leave clothes with stains. Even when you washed the white clothes, the dirt in the water would leave lines. I am now free to buy any color of clothing. I wash my clothes regularly without worrying about stains.
Today, Josephine is focused on making sure her children have everything they need to stay healthy—not just because they’re drinking clean water, but because they understand the importance of sanitation and hygiene.
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Now, the children are clean because we have water nearby. They no longer fall sick like before; no diarrhea. They can play and be happy. I wish for them to learn more about hygiene. I want them to know in the future about hygiene, and maintain it, and keep healthy.
You are transforming the future for families just like Josephine’s. Thank you for giving clean water and the lifelong benefits that come with it!
Meet Josephine


Did you catch the video update we shared a few weeks ago? Watch now to see how clean water has changed everything for Josephine and her community in Uganda.

A local partner’s focus on Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH)


Adequate sanitation and hygiene remains a major issue in the districts where we work with our local partner Welthungerhilfe (WHH) in Uganda. At places like the Katakwi Health Center, diarrheal diseases such as dysentery are the leading causes of visits to outpatient facilities, especially by children under the age of five.
Along with bringing clean and safe water to communities in need, WHH also provides extensive WASH programming and utilizes a process known as Community-Led Total Sanitation to help change sanitation behaviors. As part of this process, Community Health Clubs are formed from members of each village. These clubs are essential to encouraging proper sanitation and hygiene practices through weekly meetings and household visits. WHH also provides extensive training for teachers and students through clubs and committees in schools and further supports women and girls by funding assorted menstrual hygiene materials.

Extra gratitude for clean and safe water



Lynn, a nanny and volunteer at her church, loves traveling, reading, and hiking. She’s also a passionate member of The Spring and has a special connection to the need for clean water.
Growing up in rural Indiana, our family was very poor. We did not have running water in our house. We had an outdoor toilet and a pump outside where we would retrieve our water for cooking, doing dishes, and bathing.
Even though we didn’t walk miles to get our water and it was still drinkable, it most certainly made me very grateful to have clean, running water when we eventually moved into a home in town. I believe that every human being on our planet deserves to have clean accessible water for themselves and their family.
– Lynn
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