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Because of you and the Spring community, we keep getting closer to the day when every single person has access to clean and safe water. Thank you for transforming lives each and every month.
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“What is greater than this?”


Meet Afework, a Chief Driller who has over 20 years of experience with REST, our local partner in Tigray, Ethiopia.
Even though Afework and his team have families and lives of their own back at home, you can find them working nearly every single day of the 10-month dry season—often spending 29 days on the road each month!
As they travel from community to community, they bring clean water to the surface for people in need. And if they could, they’d put in even more time. Afework says,
“We want to work for these people not only for 10 months, but for 12 months. You can see how many people benefit from that work, and then you become happy. What is greater than this?”
Dedicated leaders like Afework are not only local experts; they’re local heroes. Thank you for empowering their work with your support.


Want to see Afework and his team in action? Check out Season Two of The Journey. Then, download our kid-approved resources—activity guides, coloring pages, and worksheets—to take your adventure one step further.

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A community effort


Hannah, a volunteer with the Peace Corps, first joined The Spring after hearing charity: water CEO Scott Harrison compare monthly donations to subscription services like Netflix. Here’s what she shared:
The Spring makes you realize what you want to be spending your money on. It made me absolutely believe that part of my bank account should be going toward clean water.
I immediately told all my friends to join. I said, “My donation is going to give two people clean drinking water this year, but if all of you sign up too, then we’ll be helping 20.” The Spring doesn’t give you a pat on the back for doing a good deed—it welcomes you into a lifetime of contribution, alongside people with hearts just as big.
– Hannah
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Whether you’re sacrificing time with your family like Afework and his team or part of your paycheck like Hannah, generosity comes in all shapes and sizes. We are incredibly grateful that you choose to be generous every single month as a member of The Spring. Your sacrifice does not go unnoticed! Thank you for being part of this giving community.
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