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Every month, your impact grows

Because of you and the Spring community, we keep getting closer to the day when every single person has access to clean and safe water. Thank you for transforming lives each and every month.

The September Campaign is off to a great start!


September Campaign Progress
All month long, the entire charity: water community is on a mission to fund clean water for 20,000 people in rural Mali and prove that nothing can stand in the way of generosity. So far, we’ve funded clean water for 16,420 people and counting, but we know there’s still so much more we can accomplish together this month!
See how far we’ve come and meet a few Spring members who’ve started campaigns of their own. You can also log into your account to check in on your campaign or start one if you haven’t already.

Why Mali?

Communities in rural Mali are waiting for clean water in one of the harshest environments on Earth. Read our latest story to learn why we’re working so hard to change the course of 2020 for families in Mali this September.

Your impact, as told by our partners

The most striking impact has been the joy and happiness shown by members of the community. It’s somewhat of a miracle for them, having suffered so greatly for lack of water.
We’ve heard some poignant stories. Entire villages having disappeared, or women giving birth being forced to leave their babies unwashed and covered in blood. We’ve seen people go blind digging wells. People have died going out in search of water. It’s been very difficult for women. So, to see water gushing out of the ground for the first time in these communities, it’s a source of immense satisfaction.
– Fatou Bintou Gariko
WASH Specialist, World Vision Mali
Whether or not you’ve been able to participate in the September Campaign, we’re so grateful for your commitment to ending the water crisis. As a member of The Spring, you’re ensuring that vulnerable communities around the world are experiencing the miracle Fatou described: gaining access to clean and safe water for the very first time.
Thank you for being part of this community, and for choosing to show generosity all year round.
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