Your monthly update from The Spring - That’s half a million people with access to clean water, thanks to you
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Every month, your impact grows

Because of you and the Spring community, we keep getting closer to the day when every single person has access to clean and safe water. Thank you for transforming lives each and every month.

The Spring is now serving half a million people each year

Since 2016, The Spring has grown from a handful of supporters to a vibrant community of 63,000 people from 120 countries around the world. And now, you—all of you!—are now giving over $20 million annually, which is enough to fund clean water for half a million people every single year. Whether you are giving $5 a month or $500, you are part of this incredible milestone.
Spring members like you have proven that you won’t allow anything to stand in the way of generosity—not a global pandemic, not uncertainty, not one of the longest and hardest years in history.
Your generosity is truly inspiring. Thank you for your continued commitment to ending the water crisis.

Handwashing stations are keeping health centers safe in Tanzania

Our local partner in Tanzania, Community Based Health Care Council (CBHCC), is responding to the pandemic by installing handwashing stations at health clinics. Previously, a bucket was the only available handwashing resource.
Miss Dorisila Mlenga, a nurse from Nemba Health Center, said, “Health workers are so vulnerable toward this pandemic. Every day we receive different kinds of patients from different places and we only rely on symptoms to determine a person who is affected by COVID-19. I am very happy because my safety, and the safety of people we serve, is ensured through the installation of this improved handwashing facility.
Supporters like you empower these essential resources. Plus, as a member of The Spring, you are helping to fund the ongoing need for clean water in Tanzania. Your monthly donations fund water projects here and around the world!

Meet Jada


Jada, an avid hiker, has been a member of The Spring since 2019. She loves knowing that every month, she has the opportunity to change someone’s life for the better. Here’s what she shared:
I deeply care about infrastructure, food, water, and safety for all people. We all should have access to these basic rights. [The Spring] is a chance to build a connection with fellow global citizens. The emails and communications from charity: water are inspiring and educational. It is a must-read in my inbox.
– Jada
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In a month marked by gratitude, we are especially thankful for each and every one of you. The way that you have shown up for communities in need of clean water this year is nothing short of remarkable. Thank you for inspiring so much positive change in the world as a member of The Spring.
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