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“Don’t focus on riches, but on being rich with many people.”
Twelve years ago, we met a woman named Helen Apio while checking up on water projects in Northern Uganda. Helen’s story and her spirit moved us so much that she instantly became part of charity: water history.
Helen Apio
Helen Apio
Sadly, Helen is no longer with us. But her legacy continues on in the lives she touched. On a recent visit to her community, a man named Richard shared some of the advice Helen once gave him—advice that Helen certainly embodied.
“Don’t focus on riches, but on being rich with many people.”
Helen at home
Every person we spoke to in Helen’s community had stories to tell about the ways her life had impacted their own.
· · ·
I am healthy today because of Helen.
She taught me how to take care of my home.
She told me I should be a good person in the community and that I should always love people.
I feel deep in my heart that what Helen taught me caused a lot of changes in my life.
· · ·
This holiday season, we’ll share more about Helen and her community. Our focus will be on families—the ones that we’re born into, and, like Helen’s, the ones we choose and create by investing in the lives of others. It’s something you do every month as a member of The Spring.
Thank you for being part of our charity: water family. We can’t wait to celebrate this special season with you.

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The best families aren’t always the ones filled with people who are related to each other. They can also be the ones that gladly grow and change, welcoming anyone who wants to join.
We are so grateful to have you in our charity: water family. Your generosity, passion, and commitment are vital to the work we do together. Thank you for being part of The Spring.
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