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Celebrate with Purpose: Water for All & A Day of Joy for Kids

Hello, wonderful souls!

As I approach the milestone of turning 26 on the 19th of September, my heart is filled with both gratitude for the incredible experiences I've been blessed with in my past 25 years and a burning desire to make a meaningful difference.

From unforgettable journeys to cherished moments with awe-inspiring people, my life has been a voyage of exploration and learning. But among the most poignant memories is my time last August in Rwanda. Here, many face the daunting daily task of walking long distances or biking just to carry heavy gallons of water back to their homes. It's not an occasional struggle but their everyday reality. Contrast this with our simple act of turning on a tap, and the grave disparity becomes painfully evident.

In light of this, I've chosen to partner with Charity Water. With a mission to alleviate the water crisis in our lifetime, Charity Water aims to ensure that every person, irrespective of where they're born, can access clean and safe water effortlessly. And this is where I seek your support.

For my birthday, I'm reaching out with a heartfelt request: to donate to Charity Water through my campaign. With every donation, we inch closer to providing water – life's fundamental necessity – to those deprived of it. To give perspective, just $40 can help one person gain access to clean water. However, every donation, big or small, holds immense value in this noble cause.

But the spirit of giving doesn't end here. As I immerse myself in studies in the USA, back in my hometown, Bogor, Indonesia, a dear friend will be celebrating on my behalf with the spirited kids from Terminal Hujan, a local NGO I had the privilege to volunteer with from 2017 to 2020. Terminal Hujan passionately serves and educates marginalized children in Bogor, Indonesia. To bring smiles to these radiant faces, my personal funds will ensure a delightful feast filled with food and joy.

Join me in making this birthday truly memorable, not just for me, but for countless souls who will benefit from your generosity. Together, let's affirm that water isn't just a luxury but a basic human right.

To delve deeper into the remarkable endeavors of Charity Water and understand the breadth of their mission, I encourage you to explore their official website: For those curious about the heartwarming initiatives of Terminal Hujan, a glimpse into their world can be found on their Instagram:

Together, these organizations exemplify the spirit of giving and compassion. Let their stories inspire you as they have inspired me.

Thank you for being part of this journey. Here's to change, one drop at a time!

Warm wishes,

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