Bringing clean water to people looks different in each country. Water sources, terrain, and population all play a part in determining what technology is required to serve people well, but there’s a solution to everything.

Hand-dug Wells

Skilled laborers dig up to 15 meters by hand to reach aquifers below.

Drilled Wells

A drilling team drills deep into the earth to reach fresh aquifers.

Rainwater Catchments

Gutters on rooftops direct the flow of rainfall into a sanitary holding tank.

Gravity Fed Systems

The force of gravity feeds water into a community from an elevated source.

Piped Systems

Networks of pipes supply water to different community tap stands.

Water Purification Systems

Installed treatment systems remove contaminants from existing systems.

Bio-sand Filters

Layers of sand and microbacterial film filter out contaminants.

Spring Protections

A system captures and safely stores pure water from a natural spring.


Covered shelters provide safety and privacy for bathroom users.