Rwanda is still recovering from the horrific 1994 genocide, which left more than 800,000 people dead and pushed many more from their homes. Since then, a progressive government and growing economy have helped stabilize the country, but waterborne disease remains a leading cause of death. 43% of the country lacks access to an improved water source and nearly 40% live without improved sanitation -- both essential for real, true progress in Rwanda.

About Rwanda

  • 11,609,666 national population
  • 60.4% live below poverty line*
  • * Living below the poverty line is defined as earning less than $1.90/day.
  • 51.48% of rural lack access to water *
  • 35.6% of rural lack sanitation *
  • * We work almost exclusively in rural areas, where the need for clean water is incredibly great.

Our Work Here

  • Started working in 2007
  • 554,197 people served *
  • * This number represents the total number of people who will gain access to clean water after all projects have been completed. This number is updated periodically as we receive new information from the field.
  • 1,304 projects funded
  • $20,214,765 invested

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