Sierra Leone

Ten years of civil war has set the people of Sierra Leone up against immense challenges. The country is one of the world's poorest, and 58.09% of the total population lacks access to an improved water source to drink from. Over 90% of people don't have access to toilets. One out of every five kids in Sierra Leone dies before their fifth birthday, many from diarrhea, worms or other water-related illnesses. 

The hope: these diseases are preventable with clean water sources and good hygiene practices.

About Sierra Leone

  • 6,453,184 national population
  • 52.3% live below poverty line*
  • * Living below the poverty line is defined as earning less than $1.90/day.
  • 52.9% of rural lack access to water *
  • 91.64% of rural lack sanitation *
  • * We work almost exclusively in rural areas, where the need for clean water is incredibly great.

Our Work Here

  • Started working in 2008
  • 83,418 people served *
  • * This number represents the total number of people who will gain access to clean water after all projects have been completed. This number is updated periodically as we receive new information from the field.
  • 286 projects funded
  • $4,341,445 invested