Photos of the Drilled Well in Micueruni

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mycharity: water


September 2017

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Drilled Well

Local Partner

World Vision, Inc.

Field Notes

Thanks to the group of supporters who fundraised and donated in late 2015, this community in the Morrumbala District in Mozambique has access to clean water! The donations funded a drilled well in a region where more than 68% of the population is living in poverty and only 15.8% of the population has access to clean water.

The construction of a drilled well requires a team of professionals to drill deep underground, reaching aquifers that aren't accessible by hand-digging. To instill a sense of ownership, the community joins in the planning and building process. Local residents form water committees, which are trained to promote the best hygiene practices for health and sanitation among the community.

Families used to spend hours walking to collect water that wasn't safe to drink. Now, they're walking much less. Most importantly, the water they bring home is clean and safe.