Photos of the Latrine in Adikokob Elementary

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July 2011

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charity: water projects at schools like this one use clean water as a catalyst to improve the overall health of kids and the surrounding community. That means each school project includes a water source, but also hygiene training, a handwashing station and toilets for the students.

Girls in developing countries miss up to a week of class each month, or even drop out of school, when they hit puberty because they don’t have a private place to use the bathroom or wash at school. charity: water invests in separate latrines for girls and boys to ensure privacy and maintain dignity for students. Improved sanitation (toilets) alone can reduce the likelihood of waterborne diseases by 32%. And private latrines built at schools not only improve health; they have been shown to increase attendance, especially among girls (World Health Organization). Read why latrines are so important to Khadija from Bangladesh here.

Your funds were sent to support an entire water project, hygiene training and also improved sanitation (toilets) at this school. But when the field team started drilling, they found that the area doesn’t have enough groundwater for a sustainable well.  Right now, our partners are finding another solution so these students can soon have safe drinking water along with the new sanitation and hygiene facilities you funded here. Their new toilets, along with a handwashing station, will help reduce the chance of diarrheal disease. Thank you for making this school a safer and healthier place to learn.