Malawi is one of Africa's most densely populated and least developed countries. Most people here live in the tropical countryside where water is scarce. As a result, many women and children spend hours of their day walking to collect it.

Kids in Malawi face a high chance of malnutrition and water-related disease before they reach the age of five. Access to clean drinking water and improved sanitation can drastically reduce both risks.



Carolina and Tabia's Walk for Water

12-year-old Carolina and 14-year-old Tabia used to walk hours to get dirty water from a hole in the ground.

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About Malawi

  • 16,360,000 population
  • 17% lack access to water
  • 92% lack access to sanitation
  • 50.7% live below poverty line

Our Work Here

  • Started working in 2007
  • 357,036 people served
  • 1,436 projects funded
  • $10,294,747 invested

Solutions Used