Help us end the global water crisis

Right now, 771 million people are drinking dirty water. You can change — or even save — their lives today. Just $40/month will bring 12 people clean water every year.

A message from Brooke

Over the course of my life, I’ve been blessed to see so much of this planet. But the experiences that have affected me most profoundly have happened far from the stage.

Out of all the challenges I’ve seen humanity face, lack of clean water has been the most catastrophic. It affects health, livelihood, and access to education, especially for girls.

In 2010, I donated my birthday to charity: water. Together, we were able to fund eight water projects in Ethiopia. I even had the opportunity to visit those communities and see the difference clean water had made with my own eyes!

That is why I’m so passionate about charity: water’s mission to end the global water crisis in our lifetime, and why I am so proud to be sharing their mission with you today. By giving clean water, each of us can make the human experience better for someone else. I hope you’ll join us.

Transformation you can trust

You deserve to give with confidence. 100% of public donations directly fund clean water projects. But we don’t stop there. From our financials, to our tech, to the environmental sustainability of our water projects: “good enough” is never enough for us.

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Making history starts today

Your donation is the difference between dirty and clean water in a rural community. Between sickness and health. Between loss and opportunity. Join The Spring to change the world each and every month.
Give Clean Water

100% of your donation funds clean water.