Help us end the global water crisis

Right now, 703 million people are drinking dirty water. You can change — or even save — their lives today. It only takes $40 to bring 1 person reliable access to the clean water they deserve.

A message from Paul

To my friends in the Small Giants Community: This year, we are thrilled to welcome Scott Harrison, the CEO of charity: water, an organization my family has supported for several years. For those of you attending the Summit, you’re going to hear his emotional story of endurance, but you’re also going to be moved by the progress his organization has made to bring clean water to people around the world.

As a small token of thanks to Scott for sharing his story, I thought we’d show him some Small Giants love and help support this important cause. All of their operational costs are paid by a small group of donors, so 100% of your donation goes directly to their water projects.

Once you read more about charity: water, I think you’ll be as inspired as I have been. Of course, there is no obligation and no minimum commitment.

Appreciate your support!

Transformation you can trust

You deserve to give with confidence. 100% of public donations directly fund clean water projects. But we don’t stop there. From our financials, to our tech, to the environmental sustainability of our water projects: “good enough” is never enough for us.

Share The Good News

Anyone can change the world for the better. (Even if their journey begins in an NYC nightclub.) Share Scott’s story of redemption with your friends and family on social media.

Making history starts today

Your donation is the difference between dirty and clean water in a rural community. Between sickness and health. Between loss and opportunity. Join The Spring to change the world each and every month.
Give Clean Water

100% of your donation funds clean water.