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What We Wish for Our Children

Parents around the world dream of better futures for their children. In almost every case, it starts with education.

by Tyler Riewer

Parents everywhere dream about better futures for their children. Whether you’re in the US or the UK, Ethiopia or Malawi… our hopes seem to be rooted in the same ideas: success, love, happiness, and legacy.

One of the coolest parts about seeing a community get access to clean water is hearing how those dreams change and grow. How more time and better health bring new opportunities for families – kids in particular.

The dreams vary, but they almost always start with education. Here are a few of our favorite examples from parents we’ve met around the world…

Berkit, Mother - Ethiopia

“I am not educated; I cannot read or write. But I will not repeat that for my children. I wish to see them complete their education and become doctors and teachers and engineers so they can serve the community, give health care, and educate uneducated children.”


Fisha, Father - Ethiopia

“Sending my children to school is my priority in making happiness. There is a proverb: The one who is educated, leads the better life.”


Umu, Mother - Mali

“It is very important that children go to school because if you study and get a diploma you can get a job and help your family, your village, and one day the whole country.”


Gebrehiwot, Father & Grandfather - Ethiopia

“Clean water will be better for our health and for our children’s health. The next generation will be standing for themselves.”


Sanjita, Mother - Nepal

“I obviously have high hopes for my children. I hope they don’t go through hardships like I did. I hope they study hard and become doctors, engineers, and pilots. Like all parents, I want them to have a better life than their mother and father.”


Yeman, Father - Ethiopia

“When you’re educated, the way of life in the community can change for the better. My dream is that my girls would become professionals, academics, and doctors.”


Chief Chinkhwamba, Mother - Malawi

"I try to send my children to school so that when they grow up they are independent in life. I would like my children to be teachers and doctors. When my children go into those professions and then they come back into this village they will be role models. Other children will see them and admire them and want to be educated."


With your help, we’re bringing clean water and better futures to families like these all over the globe. Thank you for continuing to believe in a world where every person has clean and safe drinking water.