charity: water stories

"Our classes will always be clean..."

With every question answered, assignment graded, and heart mended, teachers craft a brighter future.

Children need thriving schools and committed teachers to reach their full potential.

Like access to clean water, education eliminates poverty, empowers development, promotes gender equity, and even reduces infant mortality rates. But right now, 584 million children are drinking dirty water at their schools. This causes children to miss invaluable class time due to waterborne diseases—and girls miss an extra five days a month on average during their menstrual cycle. Your generosity allows us to provide schools with the clean water and sanitation kids need to thrive in the classroom and beyond.

Everything changed for students in Malawi when a new well was built at the Chiwoyewoye Junior Primary School. Before, students like 9-year-old Sophie had to walk 0.6 miles (1 kilometer) through the forest if they wanted a drink during class. The journey was dangerous and exhausting. But thanks to our local partner and our community of generous supporters, now Sophie can have a drink whenever she’d like, just steps away from her classroom.

“Our lives had been made easy. We now won’t struggle to access clean water.Our classes will always be clean. Our gardens will always be green, and our performance will always be good,” Sophie said happily.