Find your streaming destiny

There are lots of different ways to get involved in this year's Water x Stream campaign, so we made a flowchart to help you choose your own adventure.

What is a streamer?

A party decoration.

Correct! Do you stream?

True! But streamers are also content creators who livestream whatever they do best—gaming, baking, singing, anything!

Nope. I’d rather be a connoisseur than a creator.

I do some of those things!

That’s cool. Where can I learn more?

We’re impressed. Want to stream for us? We have a big goal and we’ll need your help to reach it.

AMAZING! Want to stream for us this World Water Day?

Have you been to our streaming page? If not, start here:

Maybe next time.

I don’t think I like streaming, but I do like clean water. Can I still help?

We respect that. You can show your support by tuning into one of the livestreams.

Absolutely. You can give clean water here and mark your calendar for March 22nd. It’s World Water Day and we want to celebrate with you!