It's time to take action.

Millions of people around the world are drinking dirty water. As a result, 3,800 lives will be lost today. And again tomorrow. And the day after that. Many of them will be children. It’s a huge problem — but it’s a problem we can solve if we work together. There are lots of great ways to help us end the global water crisis. What matters most is that we choose to do something. Take action today, and save lives.

You have our word—and&nbspmore

How do you know your money is actually making a difference? It’s simple: we show you. After all, seeing is believing — and we want you to believe in us.

We give 100%

100% of the money donated to charity: water goes directly to funding clean water projects. Private donors cover our operating costs, which means every penny of every dollar can go where it’s needed most.

We prove it

We don’t expect you to take our word for it. Our next-level commitment to tracking and transparency means we don’t just tell you you’re having an impact. We show you, with GPS coordinates and photos of the exact project(s) you’ve helped fund.

We think local - and long-term

We don’t just drop in, build a well and disappear. When we provide water for a community, we want the impact to be for good — which means we work closely with local partners, remaining invested in the integrity of projects for the long haul.

Join the Spring

Join The Spring

Join our monthly giving community to give clean water (and so much more) each and every month.

Fundraise for clean water

Start a campaign

Turn a passion or passtime into a campaign for clean water. It's quick, easy - and impactful.

Sponsor a water project

If you want to make a big splash, become a Water Project Sponsor and singlehandedly sponsor a water project for a community that needs it. Projects start at $10,000.

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Become a brand partner

Whether your company sells socks or services (or anything else, really), we’d love to work with you to develop a mutually beneficial collaboration that has a lasting impact. 

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Make a lasting gift

By planning a future gift to charity: water, members of The Tributary help ensure that our work will continue until every person on the planet has access to clean water.

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Other ways to take action

Support a Fundraiser

There are always folks fundraising for clean water. Donate to a campaign that captures your heart, and you'll show your support for both charity: water and the fundraiser. They'll appreciate it (so will we).

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Kids Can Help, Too!

The most inspiring advocates for clean water are also some of the youngest. Here at charity: water we are firm believers that you make a difference no matter how old you are. Visit our kids' page to download&nbspresources.

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Pledge your Birthday

Everyone has one, and (like it or not) they keep coming year after year. Why not make your next birthday a real lifesaver? Skip the party and the gifts and ask your people to give clean water instead.

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Stream for Clean Water

The streaming community is filled with world-changers. Content creators have helped raise over $2.5M for clean and safe&nbspwater.

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Shop to Support Clean Water

Purchase with purpose! Profits from the charity: water store fund our operating costs and help us grow.

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You deserve to give with confidence

All of our operational expenses are funded by a private community of donors, so you can trust 100% of your donation will go directly to water solutions, every cent, every time. But we don’t stop there. From our commitment to equipping local partners, to our tech, to the environmental sustainability of our water projects: “good enough” is never good enough for us. We’re setting new standards for transparency and innovation. These companies and organizations agree.