Transform lives like Adane’s each and every month

When 8-year-old Adane’s community received clean water, everything changed. Suddenly, he could go to school full-time and dream even bigger: all because of monthly donors.

Join The Spring, our monthly giving community, to rewrite stories like his for the better.

Join the global community serving 44,739 people every month

When you give to charity: water, 100% of your donation goes directly to funding water solutions in rural communities. We won’t stop until everyone, everywhere has access to clean water. But we need our monthly giving community, The Spring.

Our water projects are locally-led and community-owned. We deploy your donations to the field, where these partners go to work rehabilitating old water systems, building new ones, or completing sanitation and hygiene training.

The Spring is essential to this cycle. We count on monthly gifts to fill in any funding gaps that may arise or account for potential changes in project completion. The Spring enables us to fund our local partners with confidence and make the best long-term investments in rural communities.

Water changes everything

Right now, 771 million people are drinking dirty water. You can change that. When you donate to clean water, you’re investing in the hopes and dreams of families around the world. Children are able to attend school full-time. Women can start a business. Communities thrive.


Diseases from dirty water take 16,000 lives every week, mostly children under five. Access to clean water and proper sanitation doesn't just transform lives: it saves them.


When children have access to clean water and safe toilets, they’re able to study full-time. This empowers young girls to stay in school—and out of child marriages.


Clean water stimulates economic and social development in rural communities. Entrepreneurship thrives, populations are healthier, and families can finally look to the future with confidence.

Meet the community changing lives

The Spring is composed of generous, passionate, and determined people—like you—from more than 100 countries around the world.

Our members have already transformed over a million lives with access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene. Stand with us and change millions more. You’re going to fit right in.