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This campaign closed on Nov 24, 2011 Craig Jamieson brought clean water to Yellow Thunder.

36th Birthday

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Mission Statement

On [BIRTHDATE], I'm turning [AGE]. And this year, I'm sharing my birthday with charity: water to help bring clean drinking water to people in need.

charity: water is also celebrating their fifth birthday, and has already helped 2 million people get access to safe water. But this year, they want to accelerate their impact by purchasing a new drilling rig and the equipment it takes to dig even more wells for villages in need.

So to help, I'm giving up my birthday gifts and asking for $[AGE OR OTHER GOAL AMOUNT] from everyone I know. 100% of the money will fund the equipment to drill wells for people in northern Ethiopia.

That's not all -- charity: water will mount a GPS device to drilling rig we fund -- so we'll be able to follow it from village to village once the work gets under way!

Join me -- each drilling rig can help bring clean water to 80 new villages each year, and help 40,000 people get clean water.

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This campaign brought clean water to Yellow Thunder, Ethiopia.

Drilling Rig

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You fundraised, donated and came to a birthday party -- all to help us raise money for two new drilling rigs in Tigray, Ethiopia. Each rig will go on to drill 80 new wells, and together they'll change 80,000 lives -- every single year for the next 15 years.